About Us

Established in 2012 Bags For Bags is a UK based boutique providing luxury stylish bags and accessories for both men’s and women’s. We offer an extensive range of luxury leather worldwide; from Italian leather to genuine leather.Our collection ranges from classic timeless to the latest trend. We have variety of design, style and colours within our stocks which we believe our customers will love.
We bring you the very best pieces at affortable prices focusing on quality, styles and colours we go the extra mile into meeting our customers needs, as our aim is to bring satisfaction to you as a customer. We make sure all enquiries are dealt with as soon as it has been received.
At Bags For Bags you are guaranteed to receive only the best quality bags with excellent customer service at all time.
Where it all started
My passion for bags started at a very young age I always had passion for bags. I was very selective when buying a bag I just didn’t go for the quality alone but also the style, colours and the reflection of how the bag would look with my outfits. I remember all the handbags I used to carry people would always admire and ask me where I purchased it from! as  my passion for bags grow within me I started helping other ladies in choosing beautiful quality bags and the rest is history.
Bit of History
Since the beginning of the world, there have always been certain provisions where people found it necessary to keep their personal belongings. In the 16th century, bags were made using more widely available material such as leather to create compositions which were perfect for holding everyday possessions. At this point in history, bags took on the cross-body style used today.
The drawstring strap joined the handbag diagonally across the body thus beginning the fashion status of these handbags. In following years, purses continued to transform from being practical to being stylish. Handbags on women were established as a fashion and women began stitching styles on their bags for additional styles. Men were soon subjected to smaller and more practical modes for holding their everyday provisions.

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