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Find all the latest and past celebrities bag trends, we bring you the very best designs and style which we believe you’ll love and enjoy for many years! Browser around our store to get your next stylish bag! order online or send us email.


Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas 

with Mother’s Day just around the corner this week I’ve put together beautiful purses well pack in gift box ready to bring smile on someone’s face!

Women's purses

Fashion Week race is now on keeping eyes on those vibe colours for 2017 bags and accessories

Fashion week vibe

Tip – Plan ahead in order to have a much better smooth week❤ 

bags for bags tips

Weekend glamour clutch handbag

Classic weekend clutch handbag

How to Achieve Unique Look!

3 – Tips for unique stylish look!
-Bring your personality into your look.
-Buy items which will work for you avoid copying everyone else however you can get inspiration from others.
-Choose colours which will work with your outfits/accessories.

style tips

Gift for her, autumn fashion – Different kind of stylish fancy rock look with a twist! Be fabulous


Let your style speak for itself!


Afternoon soft colour glamour look!

Womens outfit, fashion , glamour

Slight peak of spring 2017 runway collection


The best fashion is the ones we create ourselve,Let your style speak for itself!

Classic, Elegant Tote Handbags with fashion twist;
Sometime the best fashion is the ones we create ourselve!
tip: start with easy matching colours, such as black,red and white. These colours can be easily match with most of our day by day shoes and outfits.


Perfect Seasonal Occasions clutch bags – Elegance with fashion twist


Superb Fashionable Bucket Tote Handbags

Sometime simple design can bring the best look! Our new range of superb fashionable bucket tote handbags adds chi stylish finish. Whenever wearing it with dress, skirt, smart or day to day wear it adds gorgeous chi uniqueness to any style to suit any occasion.


Celebrities August Trend – Dress Up and Dress down


A Day Look
Start your day on the right foot be inspire with our bags and accessories collection to add a bit of sparkle to your look!


Celebrities mystery bags
with celebs we never know which directions their will take next it a guessing game.


Street fashion bags

bagsforbags-street fashion bags

2016 celebrities adorable handbags

bagsforbags-2016 Celebrity-Bags

2016 Celebrities Similar Style

bagsforbags-celebrities similar style


Street Fashion Style – Fashion Fall
Perfectly designed the closure with fully open the bag and use all its capacity.


Stylish ideally spring colour handbag!

51426156 Celebrities spotted out for dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, California on May 22, 2014. Celebrities spotted out for dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, California on May 22, 2014. Pictured: Eva Longoria FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Glamour gorgeous 2016 up coming trendy bag colors! USA first lady Michelle Obama carry it well!

bagsforbags-spot-celebrity-bags michelle-obama-pink-main

Celebrities glamour, perfect pieces to complement any outfit! 2016 Paris fashion show.


Stylish street fashion tote handbags – carry by Jennifer Lopez



2016 has started on the right foot so far! Celebrities handbags highlights – Khloe Kardashian Carrying adorable Box Bag..


Bagsforbags-spot-celebrities -Salma-Hayek



Some of the Month’s Best Celeb Handbags


2016 Sparkling Handbag Fashion Trend

2016 handbags




 Stunning Everyday bag carry by Jennifer lopez gorgeous looking handbag very sophisticated tote range! Shop


Popular Celebrities handbags


Popular charming handbags amount celebrities Beautifully designed clean and bold, simple and appealing suitable for everyday use and evenings out, enriched by gold hardware and long chain. available to shop in our store.

Bagsforbags-Celebrity-Handbags-Paris-Fashion-Week-Spring-2015-31  bagsforbags-celebrities-handbags-

Stylish High Street Trendy! Shop

Bagsforbags-celebrities-Beyonce-Pure-Bagbagsforbags-celebrities bag

Highlights of celebrities clutch purses

bagsforbags -Celebrity-clutch-purse

some of 2015 celebrities preferred brand bag – Hermes




On The Go Celebrities Trendy Tote Handbag


Best of 2015 Celebrities handbags



bagsforbags-best -of-2015-celebrities-bags

Best Runway Bags New York Fashion

Bagsforbags Best-Runway-Bags-New-York-Fashion

Celebrities Green Handbags Trend

celebrity green fashion trendy

Runway Fashion Trend

Runway fashion trendy

Go from the office to after-hours with this stylish hand-crafted holdall bag

bagsforbags-celebrity inspired bags

Spot summer funky trendsetting style…

trendy-celebrities-summer-bags             celebrities trendy - bags-for-bags

 Why celebrities adore holdall bags?

Holdall bags are great bags for short weekend  break or Gym – Carry by David Beckham looking fabulous.

Beckham holldal bag

Making effort to look beautiful every day

Gorgeous Stylish bags every month to add to your selection! Sign Up for weekly Exclusive fashion news and Offers!

Bagsforbags-celebrities trendy -Emmy-Rossum-


 Celebrities inspiration

Looking at your best all the time is never easy, be inspire with our bags collections.

bagsforbags-cele-trendy looks


Work ready handbag

You might not love getting up every morning for work, having a stylish elegant bag can light up your look.

bagsforbags-celebrities inspiration work-ready bags  bagsforbags -celebrities in style for work woman

Show off your trendsetting style..we make it possible with our handbags collection to match any outfit

bagsforbags-celebrity trendy

bagsforbags- trends -angelina-jolieCelebrities who dress’s it well?

Simple luxurious soft colour outfits can be easily match with bold colour handbag .. giving you a beautiful nice finish.. This can relate to a handbag or evening clutch bag.

Function and fashion all in one handbag perfect bag for work

bagsforbags-cele-favour bags Orange handbags are always on celebrities top lists…this colour always looks fabulous whenever it’s spring/summer or winter matches well without comprise your style.

bagsforbags -celebrities_with_colourful_handbags  bagsforbags-celebrity-trends

Simple and elegant tote handbags selection 


  Celebrity spotter Bagsforbags

Jo Lopez contemporary look.

Bagsforbags-Celebrities bags

Catherine Jones in a simple stunning outfit matching with tote bag.  celebrity spotter-bagsforbags

Gorgeous red tote bag carry in a beautiful sunny day out!

Bagsforbags-Celebrity-Handbags-at-Wimbledon  bagsforbags-wht-tote

One of many kerry washington bag in a simple sophistication style.


2015 Spring/summer handbag trends

Handbag-Trends-Spring-Summer-Collection-2015- bagsforbags

spring-summer 2015 trendy

  You Can’t go wrong with a black handbag Snag This fantastic Fancy Vintage Satchel Bag.

Classic Satchel Tote Handbag

Summer selection